An award-winning Point of Sale software that integrates with your accounting.

Key benefits

  • Sales data linked back to your accounting software for streamlined bookkeeping
  • Inventory at the line-item level
  • Business analytics and full P&L insights

How it works with QuickBooks

AccuPOS Point of Sale is designed to bring the best of both worlds to your company: the power of the QuickBooks backend and the power of a fast, intuitive point-of-sale interface that work together to make the most of your business. We work closely with Intuit to make sure the communication between our two programs is both instant and seamless, to ensure that we offer the most accurate QuickBooks Point of Sale support, and to make our program the best POS for QuickBooks money can buy!


AccuPOS makes your business work for you. Accounting becomes automatic with its integration to your accounting software and the easy-to-use, easy-to-master system makes checking out at the register lightning fast. You can manage and monitor your point of sale system from anywhere with web reporting and you can easily add more devices or terminals.



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Prices can vary with additional services and hardware.

Software with Accounting Integration Starts at $1295 N/A Build a package that’s secure, simple, and ready to use in minutes.

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How do you connect AccuPOS to QuickBooks?
AccuPOS connects to your QuickBooks version of choice (QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop) by using our AccuLINK adapter software.
What Operating Systems are supported?
Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10), Android
How does AccuPOS handle inventory?
AccuPOS was created so that it does not duplicate many of the features you are already using in your accounting software. Inventory is maintained in the same place you process Purchase Orders and write vendor checks. AccuPOS will report to your accounting software what was sold, for how much, to whom (if you track customers), and adjust the inventory, update sales accounts and post tendering totals to un-deposited funds. No additional interface modules are needed.
How many POS stations can AccuPOS point of sale run simultaneously?
AccuPOS can operate as many POS stations as your business needs.