TAVIS is your Virtual AI Assistant - Set-up takes 2 minutes


Your Virtual employee, TAVIS takes care of things you or your team don’t always have time for like chasing invoices and using AI to uncover insights. TAVIS communicates with you via SMS with suggestions and carries out your preferences.

Addressing Excess Inventory

Identifies when your business has excess inventory of specific products, suggests ways to resolve the issue, and takes action based on your direction.

Supplier Increases

Flags significant pricing increases from suppliers over time that are not obvious and assigns a task to purchasing to look into alternative suppliers.

Cross Sell Opportunities

Uncover cross sell opportunities within your customer base and have it actioned with either an email directly to the customer or assigned to a rep for follow-up.

Chasing Invoices

Identifies overdue invoices and either sends a reminder email or assigns a sales representative to follow-up.

Customer Problem

Identifies customers that are on a path to leaving and assigns a sales representative to intervene before they do so.

Addressing Excess Inventory
Supplier Increases
Cross Sell Opportunities
Chasing Invoices
Customer Problem



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Acumy is entirely free to try with no credit card required.

Standard Plan FREE 1 On this plan, TAVIS, the AI virtual assistant finds opportunities and threats hidden in your QuickBooks data will message you suggestions & recommendations straight to your phone.
Team Plan $49 per month 5 The Team plan enables up to 5 of your team members also have TAVIS communicate directly them along function lines e.g. Jenny gets emailed insights about accounts receivable and payable while Gary gets emailed about sales & customer insights.
Pro-Advisor Plan FREE 5 To help Pro-Advisors access how TAVIS can help their clients we offer, we offer a unlimited version completely free.

Acumy support is available 24/7 and is included in your subscription. We are here to help.


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How long does it take to set-up?
The entire set-up process takes 3-5 minutes. After installing the app, you have the choice of setting up individual groups such as sales, accounts, or customer support and assign employees to those groups. This then allows you to assign tasks to individual groups to follow. This could include assigning accounts to follow-up an invoice, assigning sales to approach a customer that fit the profile for a cross sell, or assigning a customer service rep to follow a customer that is on path to leave.
How does TAVIS chase outstanding invoices?
TAVIS presents you with outstanding invoices as well as options for proceeding. These options include sending reminder emails to the customer, assigning an employee to direct follow-up, or putting the account on hold for a period of time. If you choose to send an email reminder, TAVIS sends the reminder email via QuickBooks using the reminder template. If you choose to have an employee perform the follow up, TAVIS sends that employee all the relevant information including the invoice.