Amazon FBA Routing by DataQlick

Your complete Amazon FBA management solution

Key benefits

  • Automatically route sales from connected marketplaces to Amazon FBA for fulfillment
  • Step-by-step creation and tracking of Amazon FBA shipping plans
  • Multiple location inventory management with easy transfer requests

How it works with QuickBooks

With Amazon FBA Routing, QuickBooks Online can be set up as a sales channel, with invoices created in QuickBooks Online routed directly to Amazon FBA for fulfillment.
Amazon Routing also works with DataQlick Sales Automation software to automatically route sales from all connected marketplaces and ecommerce stores to Amazon FBA for fulfillment, then records those sales in QuickBooks Online.


Automatic order routing and shipping plan creation makes DataQlick’s Amazon FBA Routing app your complete Amazon management solution.

Sales from connected channels come into the app, and are automatically routed to your Amazon FBA account for fulfillment.

Set Reorder Points and easily view Amazon quantities, broken down by shipping plan, inbound, fulfillable, unfulfillable and reserved.

Initiate a shipping plan with quantities based on visible sales history in one simple view for all connected platforms.

Establish multiple warehouses (outside of accounting) to track inventory and create transfers between locations.

14 day free trial, no credit card required

Base $49 N/A Simple price plan for Amazon FBA sellers. 2 channels included. Additional sales channels - $19/mo per mo . Or add pack of 4 sales channels for $49/mo

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How do I set up Amazon Routing app?
It’s easy!
1. Connect QuickBooks using Get App Now button and connect your Amazon marketplace using simple instructions provided.
2. Connect your Amazon FBA account
Within minutes you will be able to view and ready to process your sales transactions into Amazon FBA for fulfillment.