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Aura is cloud-based quoting software that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Online. Aura's powerful but easy to use toolset ensures all your quotes are created quickly, easily and accurately. With Aura, you can complete a sales cycle in seconds!

Aura one-click integrations

Aura integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online and your favorite CRM systems. From QuickBooks, import your items and contacts into Aura. Create and send a quote. Once approved, turn the quote directly into an invoice in QuickBooks. From your CRM system like Hubspot or Zoho, import all your customers and contacts. Attach quotes to prospects and deals with a single click.

Customized pricelists

Aura allows you to create advanced price lists and attach those lists to customers. Those price lists can be either static values, or they can calculate dynamically based on the data in QuickBooks Online, so you can guarantee it’s always in sync without maintaining data in two places.

Create beautiful PDF quotes, track when the quotes are viewed.

With Aura you turn quotes into PDFs in a single click. You can email the quote directly from Aura, and get notified when the quote is viewed. You can also attach the PDF to customers or deals in your CRM.

Item validations

To ensure the quote is accurate, you need to be able to check it. Aura provides a unique validation interface that allows you to create cross-line-item validation rules so you can be sure that when your quote requires an item to be on it, it will force the user to add it. Or when your quote cannot have a certain item on it, it won’t be allowed to have it.

Markups and Discounts

Being able to quickly markup or discount a product is important for a lot of QuickBooks customers. This is a snap with Aura. You simply enter the percentage you want to mark up or mark down an item, and viola - it goes onto the quote with that new markup or discount. Easy as that. You can even apply a discount to an entire order at any time.

Configure, Price, Quote. 100% Pricing Accuracy

CPQ (configure, price, quote) systems are extremely popular for bigger companies. Why? Because being able to make sure your quote is done correctly, the first time, is a very important to running a successful business in the long term. As a small business, it’s even more critical to you, which is why Aura's advanced pricing & validation features will help you make sure every quote that goes out is correct.

Aura one-click integrations
Customized pricelists
Create beautiful PDF quotes, track when the quotes are viewed.
Item validations
Markups and Discounts
Configure, Price, Quote. 100% Pricing Accuracy



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Integrate Aura with QuickBooks Online for only $19 per month. Aura Pro will integrate with your CRM system as well at only $29 per month. QuickBooks ProAdvisors get a free Lifetime licence!

Aura Small Business 14-day free trial, no CC required. $19/mo (billed annually) or $35/mo (billed monthly) 1 Features: Unlimited Quotes, Quote Tracking, Quote Sharing, Item Validations, Price Lists, Deep Integration to QuickBooks Online
Aura Pro 14-day free trial, no CC required. $29/mo (billed annually) or $49/mo (billed monthly 1 Includes all features of Aura Small Business plus: Integrations to Hubspot CRM, Zoho CRM. Oracle, Salesforce and many others coming soon!
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What QuickBooks data is synched with Aura?
You can import existing contacts and items from QuickBooks into Aura with a single click. Once a quote that you've sent to your customer gets approved, you can generate an invoice that will appear in QuickBooks Onliune, along with any new customer data and/or items that you've entered into Aura. Again, all this happens with a single click.
Why should I use Aura when QuickBooks Online already has a feature for estimates?
Aura has features that Quickbooks does not. With Aura you can add markups and discounts on the fly. If you have different pricing tiers, in QuickBooks you have to have items logged multiple times at different prices. On top of that, you have to remember what pricing applies to what customer. With Aura's Pricelists feature, you can be sure that the quotes you send are 100% accurate the first time. With Aura's validation engine, you'll never send a quote that's missing a required item.
I use a CRM that has a quoting feature, what value would I see from adding Aura in the mix?
First would be online quote sharing. When you create a quote in Aura, with the click of a button you can send that quote to any contact from your CRM. The quote isn't just a PDF, it's a living document that can be accessed online at any time, and all activity (views/acceptance) is logged in Aura’s activity logs and in your CRM. In addition to all this, you can attached the quote right to the Potential or Prospect in your CRM.
Software setup and on-boarding is a hassle, how much set up does Aura require?
Virtually none. Zero. Aura is cloud-based so there is nothing to install. You turn on your QuickBooks Online integration with a single click and Aura will automatically retrieve your data. You can start creating quotes immediately! You'll learn how to use all of Aura's features within minutes.