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AMGtime has easy to use and flexible time and attendance software, top of the line biometric hardware, mobile apps with GPS and photo capabilities, specialized industry solutions, and much more – and all your data syncs effortlessly with QuickBooks!

The Status Board Helps Control Labor Costs

With the status board, you can view the status of each employee, helping control labor costs. See what each employee is working on at any given time. Quickly see if an employee is working, absent, at lunch or has punched out. The status board also gives you a snapshot of overtime hours, letting you know how many hours an employee has left until they start to accrue overtime pay. Filter the list of employees to quickly analyze the status of your employees at any given time.

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AMGtime Main Screen

Customize your main screen to include widgets with all the important information, reports, and payroll integration needed specifically for your company.

Scheduling is Simple and Convenient

Scheduling employees is easy and takes only minutes to complete. With a few easy clicks, schedule an employee a week, month, or even years in advance as you see fit for your company. Schedules can be customized using flexible, fixed, floater and rotating shifts to meet your company’s needs. You can grant access to employees to view their schedule from any device at any time. They can also request time off for you to approve right from their account.

Mobile Apps with GPS Tracking and Photo Punch Capabilities

Time tracking can be done right from your mobile phone. Easily view which employees are working, on break, on lunch, or clocked out. Both employees and supervisors can view schedules on the go from any location using our mobile apps. Employees can punch in and out directly from their phone, providing administrators with their exact GPS locations. Employers can require a selfie punch to ensure employees are on time and at the correct location.

The Status Board Helps Control Labor Costs
Start Your Free 30 Day Trial Today!
AMGtime Main Screen
Scheduling is Simple and Convenient
Mobile Apps with GPS Tracking and Photo Punch Capabilities

Each plan is customizable to your time and attendance needs. Start your 30 day trial today!

FREE FREE 60 Free 30 day trial, no strings attached! No need for credit card information, just try AMGtime and see how it can work for you.
Starting Plan $18.99/ month for up to 15 employees 15 Designed with basic time and attendance needs in mind (No contract, charged only for active users with a minimum of 15)
AMGtime Web Subscription $1.25/month/user (Price per employee decreases as the number of users increase) 16 Designed with basic time and attendance needs in mind (No Contract, charged only for active users)
AMGtime Web Subscription Plus $1.83/month/user 100 Time and Attendance + Easy Scheduling + Benefit Accrual + Employee Login + Job Costing + Badge Repository + USigned Electronic Signature (No Contract, charged only for active users)
AMGtime Web Subscription Ultimate $3.83/month/user 100 AMGtime Web Subscription + 22 available modules such as Paid Sick Leave, ACA Compliance, Bank Hours, and more (Call 800-960-3735 for details)

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How can I get help using AMGtime Systems?
We can help using the method you prefer – through the phone, email, live chat or remote access. We are flexible and quick to respond, regardless your method of choice. If you have AMGtime Systems, you can simply live chat with us from within the software or you can email us at or call us at 1 (800) 960-3735. Our technicians are here to help you.
Why should I use AMGtime instead of other time & attendance solutions?
For many reasons, but here’s a few: 1) AMGtime is flexible and can handle numerous types of settings; 2) We have a friendly, knowledgeable, Los Angeles based support team; 3) We are competitively priced and you will see ROI almost immediately; 4) Options for biometric hardware and mobile apps 5) We are seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks
Is my data secure & safe with AMGtime?
We use Microsoft Azure as our cloud service, so all security that Azure provides is provided to our customers. In terms of software, security and access levels are highly important to us and are managed by the administrators of the account. You can give your managers/supervisors as much access as you want or you can limit their permission rights. We also implement daily backups of your data so just in case anything happens, your data will be securely stored away for restoration.
How can I best track my employees’ time?
We offer various ways of capturing transactions and punches. From biometric devices that limit buddy punching, pin/password solutions, web/PC clocks, and mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Our customer service reps can recommend the right solution for you and your employees, based on your unique needs. Feel free to call us at 1 (800) 960-3735.