Online Invoice Payments -Use Worldpay,CardConnect, USAePay,NMI, + more

Key benefits

  • What we do at Clique is make it ridiculously easy to get paid while lowering your merchant account costs on average 30%. All for a cost of ten bucks a month.
  • Send and Track Invoices - Merchant can see the invoices fetched from accounting system, send them and track them till they are paid.
  • Customize Invoice - This option gives user the flexibility to customize user interface of an invoice by applying different colors. User can pick up color from a variety of options to make the invoice show user’s own brand theme and corporate color.

How it works with QuickBooks

Clique Invoice app is capable of integrating with QuickBooks and other accounting platforms. The app provides convenience access to Merchants to process their invoices with the payment processor of their choice.


Invoice Templates is an awesome feature which gives user ability to select an invoice template from a bunch of templates as per the business need. Payment Collection allows users to collect partial or full payment as per customer convenience. Multiple invoices can be paid at the same time. Clique offers multiple Payment gateways for receiving payment. More gateways will be added in future.


All $10 per month Unlimited No fee for Transactions < 99 per month, 10 cent per transaction for transactions > 100 per month

Denis Pereira : Development Manager


+1 (217) 636-4706
Online support:


Do I get a payment confirmation receipt?
Yes, You will get a payment confirmation receipt and transaction will be created in your QuickBooks accounts.
Can I cancel the subscription anytime?
Yes, you can cancel whenever you want as we offer pay as you go plans.
Can I view/print an old receipt?
Yes, You can do it by clicking on payments menu.