Cloud Approval Workflows for Finance and Accounting

Key benefits

  • Saved time and increased accuracy. No more Approver chasing via email or call. 100% accuracy of the approval flow. Full details within each approval request available on the go.
  • Achieved visibility and established control. Guardrails for Requestors in Purchase Order creation. Automatic matching of Bills with the corresponding POs. Reminder, email and push notifications to avoid delays.
  • Ensured compliance and simplified audits. Multi-step and role-based approvals. Each approval is audit-ready and provided with a complete approval history including all Approvers’ comments.

How it works with QuickBooks

ApprovalMax powers up QuickBooks Online with multi-step approval workflows for Purchase Orders. Without logging into QuickBooks Online, Requestors can raise Purchase Orders strictly in line with their purchasing rights. Designated Approvers will be timely notified of PO requests pending their approval and reminded in case the approval gets delayed. A multi-step and multi-role Approval Matrix will ensure approval request routing in full accordance with authorization levels. History logs and audit reports are automatically generated in ApprovalMax.


  • Purchase Orders are created in ApprovalMax – via the web or native mobile app.
  • Guardrails for PO creation determine order parameters such as products/services and vendors.
  • Purchase Order approval routing is done based on the workflow settings defined by the finance manager.
  • Approvers receive approval requests including all the related information, either in the PO fields or as attachments.
  • Approval is performed via the web or mobile app. In case of rejection, a comment can be provided for the Requestor.
  • Then, a Purchase Order is automatically created in QuickBooks Online for the corresponding Bill processing.



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ApprovalMax offers basic and professional plans at monthly and annual rates.

ApprovalMax for QuickBooks Online 39 USD Unlimited Unlimited number of Approvers and Requestors, unlimited number of Purchase Orders.

Email, phone, and online support available.

+44 20 38087148
Online support:


Who can raise Purchase Orders?
Purchase Order Requesters can raise PO’s in accordance with the purchasing rights defined by the Administrator. Purchasing rights vary based on such criteria as Vendor, Product/Service, Class, Location.
Are Approvers notified of Purchase Order requests pending their approval?
Yes, Approvers are notified by email and via push notifications. Both instant notifications and daily summary notifications are possible to be set.
Are Purchase Orders raised in ApprovalMax synced to QuickBooks Online?
Yes, approved Purchase Orders are synced to QuickBooks Online.