Artiffex Universal Data Conversion

Automation for investment accounting

Key benefits

  • Save up to 90% of the time over manual data entry. Savings depend on the source of the data.
  • Reduce margins of error associated with entering data manually.
  • Use the time savings generated by Artiffex to build better relationships with existing clients and to develop new ones.

How it works with QuickBooks

Once information is validated in Artiffex, summarized journal entries can be posted seamlessly into QuickBooks Online via an API. Information from investment activities regardless of the source - native PDF, online investment portals or bank feeds - can be posted directly into a client's chart of accounts with just a few clicks.


Artiffex Universal Data Conversion is a data automation platform for investment accounting. Save time and eliminate margins of error by avoiding manual data. How? By using Artiffex to convert and render immediately useful, data from any financial institution regardless of the source or format – PDF statements, online portals or direct bank feeds. From the converted data you can generate realized income, realized gain or loss and foreign asset reports in Excel or PDF. Work that used to take hours can now take minutes.

Pricing for accounting firms

Artiffex Universal Data Conversion for Accountants $30 per entity 1 Pricing starts at $30 per entity regardless of the number of related accounts

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How much time can I save by using Artiffex Universal Data Conversion?
Using Artiffex Universal Data Conversion you can save from 50% to 90% versus manual data entry investment write ups. Savings depend on the data source.