Powerful QuickBooks Integration for E-commerce Systems, Salesforce, and More

Key benefits

  • Save time processing orders and eliminate data entry by seamlessly connecting shopping carts like Shopify, Amazon, and others, and CRM systems like Salesforce, directly to QuickBooks.
  • Keep your apps in sync with each other. Data like inventory counts, customers, shipment tracking numbers, and payment details can be seamlessly synchronized automatically.
  • Create customized workflows that are specific to your business by validating data, mapping specific fields of information, and filters that sync just the data you require.

How it works with QuickBooks

Autofy connects QuickBooks to many apps to create powerful integrations:

Shopping carts like Shopify, Amazon, and others
-create sales receipts in QuickBooks from each sale, or a daily summary
-track all charges for each order including shipping, handling, discounts, and gift wrapping
-update inventory in your e-commerce system with the latest values from QuickBooks

Salesforce Integration
-sync Opportunities to invoices/orders
-sync accounts and customers
-sync products and items.


Autofy integrates QuickBooks Online and Desktop to your critical business apps, to help you get more done. In just minutes, connect QuickBooks to Salesforce, shopping carts like Shopify, Amazon, and more, so you can spend less time doing data entry, and more time making your customers happy. Sync orders, receipts, payments, inventory, customers, vendors, bills, and much, much more.



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30 day fully functional free trial, no CC required, sign-up and sync in minutes

Free $0 1 No credit card required, free trial. Full version enables you to setup and create your own QuickBooks integration workflows
Basic $99/mo N/A Basic version includes connecting shopping cart, Salesforce, and all other apps, filtering data, unlimited users, unlimited support, unlimited maintenance.
Business $199/mo N/A Business version includes Basic features plus customized automation of workflows for Salesforce and e-commerce systems.
Pro $399/mo N/A Pro version includes all Business features plus the ability to achieve customized workflows implemented specifically for your company.

Full, unlimited support is included with every plan.

Online support:


Does Autofy create full transactions from my shopping cart and CRM information?
Yes, with Autofy creates full transactions for each order, or orders can be summarized and batched into a single daily summary order. You decide what type transactions such as sales receipts, invoices, sales order, or estimate should be created for your needs.

Data such as inventory and customers is also kept up to date with the latest info from your apps and can be synchronized in any direction.
Will Autofy sync inventory and items with my shopping cart or CRM?
Yes, Autofy will synchronize inventory levels and item information for the specific items you desire from QuickBooks. With Autofy it is easy to create filters to select the specific items that are sold on the Web.
What is the best way to make sure Autofy will work for my business?
Autofy has a fully functional trial version available free to use and to connect to QuickBooks. We also are happy to coordinate a demo conversation to provide an overview and training on how it works and to help get you connected.
I have custom fields/objects. Does Autofy sync those too?
Yes, Autofy can be customized to sync any custom field or object in Salesforce and more. We've also created an invoice and payment package specifically for Salesforce to enable a simple setup and seamless integration.