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Key benefits

  • Accurate, real-time tax calculations for more than 16,000 tax jurisdictions — guaranteed.
  • Continually updated taxability rules, rates, and boundaries for millions of products and services.
  • Seamless integration with Avalara CertCapture to create and store sales tax exemption and reseller certificates.

How it works with QuickBooks

Rates are calculated “behind the scenes” in QuickBooks and are automatically applied to the invoice. Reports are generated on-demand, and invoices are synced seamlessly for filing on the back end. AvaTax applies US sales tax and VAT calculations as the transaction takes place via a secure, encrypted internet connection. AvaTax calculates accurate sales tax based on the details given in the invoice. After saving the invoice in QuickBooks, AvaTax calculates and adds the sales tax line to the invoice, validating the customer address before calculation.


Avalara AvaTax helps thousands of customers accurately calculate sales and use taxes based on up-to-date tax data. AvaTax provides 580+ integrations with the most commonly used business applications including ERP, POS, Ecommerce, Billing and CRM, to support quick deployment. AvaTax also handles VAT, GST, and other transactional taxes for millions of products and services across thousands of tax jurisdictions. The solution also supports connectivity to custom applications with a well-documented and robust developer toolkit. AvaTax’s cloud-based software is easy-to-use and fast-to-implement, ensuring a rapid return on investment.


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Avalara’s AvaTax manages sales and use tax compliance so you can focus on your business. Download AvaTax Today and start managing your sales tax compliance from inside QuickBooks! Easy-to-use and easier to manage!

The QuickBooks Free Trial Use AvaTax for free for up to 60 days with no commitment. N/A Our DIY setup and beta free trial are a good fit for you if: You collect sales tax in fewer than 5 states, you have one physical business location, and QuickBooks Online is your primary business app. For more info, visit www.avalara.com/QBO-FT
The QuickBooks 250 Plan $50/year N/A Billed annually. Up to 250 transactions annually in states where you have sales tax liability.
The QuickBooks 500 Plan $95/year N/A Billed annually. Up to 500 transactions annually in states where you have sales tax liability.
The QuickBooks 1000 Plan $145/year N/A Billed annually. Up to 1,000 transactions annually in states where you have sales tax liability.
The QuickBooks Unlimited Plan Varies N/A Billed annually. 1,000+ transactions annually in states where you have sales tax liability. Please call (919) 627-9784 to discuss tailored plans for your business.

We know that getting technical support answers quickly and easily is critical to your compliance efforts. Our world-class technical support is designed with your long-term success in mind, and we offer a breadth of support offerings to meet your business needs. The Avalara Help Center Website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


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How do I activate Avalara AvaTax for QuickBooks Online?
Please visit the user guide and knowledge base: https://help.avalara.com/004_AvaTax_Integrations/QuickBooks_Online/Install_and_Configure_Avalara_AvaTax_for_QuickBooks_Online
How exactly does AvaTax calculate my sales tax?
AvaTax validates the origin and destination addresses on your invoice, then converts these addresses into longitude and latitude to determine their precise location on the globe. We determine the state, county, city and special tax jurisdictions that apply to your transaction and we apply the appropriate tax rules and rates to each line of your invoice to get a final tax result. AvaTax excludes states where you don’t collect tax and recognizes tax exempt customers and sales.
What is Avalara Returns?
Avalara Returns is our automated sales tax return filing service. Avalara Returns automates the returns process and ensures the right amount is remitted to the right taxing authority at the right time, dramatically shrinking the time you spend on sales tax return preparation and filing. Avalara files hundreds of thousands of sales and use tax returns each year and remits billions of dollars of sales and use tax collections each year. To get Avalara Returns, visit http://www.avalara.com/support/
How do I get Avalara Returns?
QuickBooks users who buy Avalara can purchase Avalara Returns. Call 877-780-4848!