Stripe and PayPal sync - Business Payments

Sync your PayPal and Stripe transactions (+multicurrency) with quickbooks

Key benefits

  • Say NO to manual entering: Secured sync of your ongoing or previous transactions received in your PayPal or Stripe account with ability to customize default settings. Configure the account in 5 easy steps and get your accounts synced. Automatically.
  • Clarity in details! Preview your transactions: validate products, accounts and fees before importing into QuickBooks. Also, if you want to reorganize your imported transactions, you can revert them and make synchronization with new preferences.
  • Need Tracking? No problem! Control the process, trace the synchronization history and keep yourself updated upon the recently synced transactions in details. It means that none of your transactions will be missed and your books will never be messed!

How it works with QuickBooks

Once you connect your QuickBooks company with the payment system via the Business Payments app, the app starts receiving notifications about your ongoing payments and automatically* synchronize them with your QB account based on your configuration. *sync automatically mode should be turned on manually in the settings


Synchronize your PayPal and Stripe invoice payments, payments, refunds, shopping cart payments and your expenses with QuickBooks. No need to install separate apps to synchronize each payment system, all you need is already here... and much more!


Sync 50 transactions for free every month

Free 0 1 50 transactions sync monthly.
Small from 9 USD / month 1 Up to 500 transactions monthly. Unlimited companies. Unlimited payment systems.
Medium from 19 USD / month 1 Up to 1,000 transactions monthly. Unlimited companies. Unlimited payment systems.
Large from 45 USD / month 1 Up to 2,500 transactions monthly. Unlimited companies. Unlimited payment systems.
Reseller from 82 USD / month 1 Up to 5,000 transactions monthly. Unlimited companies. Unlimited payment systems.

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When will the PayPal/Stripe transaction appear in the Business Payments app?
It will appear during 1 hour after PayPal/Stripe processes it.
How can I understand that transaction is received by Business Payments?
Business Payments app will send you an email once we receive transaction and once it is synchronised. You can turn off this notification any time.