Cash Flow Frog

Easy cash flow forecasting for your business within seconds

Key benefits

  • Stop wasting your time on endless spreadsheets.
    Understand your spending and make the most of your cash flow.
    Visualize your historical and future cash flow and maximize your cash flow return on investment using auto-generated projections.
  • Simulate different scenarios such as changes in staff, inventory and new customers.
    Add, edit or delete items in order to get the forecast as accurate as possible.
    Plan which bills to pay and which invoices to collect.
  • No financial background or setup is required.
    Cash Flow Frog automatically analyzes your data and generates the forecast,
    and is always up-to-date.
    New bills and invoices are automatically integrated into your forecast.

How it works with QuickBooks

Cash Flow Frog integrates seamlessly with your QuickBooks account.
It automatically analyzes your data and generates a cash flow forecast.
The data is updated on a daily basis so it is always up-to-date.


Running a business is hard. Very hard. As a business owner, you have a million things on your mind. Cash flow planning shouldn't be one of them. Cash Flow Frog takes cash flow planning off your back. It integrates with your company's QuickBooks Online data, and it is always up-to-date. Use Cash Flow Frog to plan ahead, never get stuck with salaries or accounts payable you can't pay. Generate reports to your investors, collect accounts receivable more easily, and take a big step ahead towards a (financially) greener future.


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How does it work?
Cash Flow Frog integrates with QuickBooks Online. It analyzes the data from your company's QuickBooks Online account and generates a cash flow forecast.
Can I edit the forecast?
Of course. You can easily add, edit and delete future transactions and create recurring transactions. You can also disable auto-generated projections completely.
What feature does it include?
Our product includes a detailed daily forecast, scenario planning, a month-by-month cash flow view, customer insights, weekly reports and more.
Do you have special pricing for accountants?
Yes. Please contact us for more information regarding special pricing for accountants and financial advisers.