Get your invoices paid sooner & save over 7 hours a week on accounts receivable.

Key benefits

  • GET PAID SOONER | Polite, persistent chasing of unpaid invoices is the most effective tool to get them paid on time. Chaser automates this for you so you never miss a beat. Our average customer boosts their cash flow by $22,000 per $500,000 turnover.
  • SAVE TIME | Carrying out effective accounts receivable is time consuming. Chaser’s automated invoice chasing frees up your finance team’s time to be better spent elsewhere. Our average customer saves over 7 hours per week.
  • INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE MANAGEMENT | Chaser automatically logs email chasers and replies into consolidated invoice histories. Easily add notes or details of phone calls to maintain a single source of truth.

How it works with QuickBooks

You already use QuickBooks Online to manage your accounting. Enhance that experience with Chaser - cloud credit control software to intelligently manage your accounts receivable.

• Automate your invoice chasing without losing the human touch
• Easily maintain a single source of truth for invoice communications
• Generate reports and intelligence on your customers’ payment behaviours

Run world-class accounts receivable with Chaser - the perfect complement for accountants and finance teams using QuickBooks Online.


• Custom email templates
• Auto attach copy invoices
• Custom schedules work with your existing bank reconciliation & email hours

• Echo your writing style, email address & email signature
• Customers chased for multiple invoices at once receive one summary email rather than individual emails, just as a human would send
• Automate thanks for paying emails to bolster goodwill & encourage timely payment

• Easily log invoice comms histories inc. emails, phone calls & notes for a single source of truth
• Insights + reporting help determine your best & worst customers

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Terms and Conditions
Privacy Policy

After your free trial, Chaser offers a monthly subscription based on the number of invoices you choose to chase each month. Please see below for details. Company group pricing is available on request.

Basic $35/month 2 Chase up to 50 invoices per month. This plan does not allow escalated senders, and is limited to 8 templates and 1 schedule.
Standard $95/month 4 Chase up to 200 invoices per month. This plan offers escalated senders, unlimited custom email templates, and unlimited sending schedules.
Professional $125/month Unlimited Chase up to 400 invoices per month. This plan offers escalated senders, unlimited custom email templates, and unlimited sending schedules.

Our most popular plan.
Enterprise $325/month Unlimited Chase unlimited invoices per month. This plan offers escalated senders, unlimited custom email templates, and unlimited sending schedules.

Chaser has an extensive Help Centre available at

If the Help Centre cannot solve your query, every Chaser subscription comes with free email support, seven days a week. Please email your support request to

Chaser’s privacy policy and terms of use can be found at and

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Who is Chaser for?
Chaser is designed for finance teams in small-to-medium businesses (SMBs / SMEs) that sell on payment terms. Our product helps them get paid sooner, and save time in doing so. If your finance team wants to improve debtor days, or wants to spend less time achieving them, Chaser is for you.

Suffering from a lack of a comprehensive accounts receivable history, capturing emails, phone calls and notes? Chaser helps with that too.
How can Chaser be used by accounting and bookkeeping firms?
INTRODUCE | Stay relevant in modern accounting and enhance your client relationships by introducing their business to Chaser, saving them time and boosting their cash flow.

MANAGE | Bring your clients added value, and your firm extra revenue, by offering managed accounts receivable through Chaser.

Email our friendly team at and they’ll help you find out how Chaser can enhance your firm’s offering today.