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CRM & Portal for Inventory Info, Order Entry, Sales Reports & More


With Crik-IT CRM and portal, sales reps and customers can access current sales reports, dashboards, inventory, order and invoice info, and can enter orders themselves! Available for QuickBooks Desktop and Online.

Is this CRM & Portal app for you?

Yep, it is... if you:
Are a manufacturer or distributor
Have sales reps and / or a reseller channel
Want to give your sales team and channel CRM & other tools they need to better sell and service your stuff
Handle warranty claims (or not! 50% of our subscribers don't so warranty is an optional feature)

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Sales Reports - Current, Meaningful, Easy to Understand

3 year over year comparisons
Monthly comparison for past 3 years
By SKU, by Customer, by Rep or by Product Line
Actual versus Forecast
Sales forecasts by Unit and / or by Dollar Volume
Dealer visit goals and reporting
Graphical dashboards for sales executives and for reps

CRM & Other Rep Tools for Targeted Channel Management

Anytime, anywhere access to...
Sales reports by territory or customer, with trends and actual vs forecast
Invoice history
Order entry
CRM and Contact notes
Leads & Opportunities
Graphical snapshot of territory & customer performance
Armed with CRM & other portal tools, your reps provide better direction to their customers, resulting in more sales for you.

B2B Customer Tools - The easier you make it for your customers to do business with you, the more business you'll do!

With Crik-IT your customers can:
Check your inventory availability (optional... this can be hidden)
Enter an order quickly & easily (even handles standard orders)
Reprint an invoice
See if a replacement part is being sent for a warranty claim
Access documents you put into your Crik-IT library
Update their own QuickBooks inventory info when you change prices

Tools for your staff

Anytime, anywhere access to...
Customer info & CRM tools
Sales Reports
Transaction history
Inventory status
Library management
Announcement updates
And a whole lot more!

Lots of other stuff too...

Customers see product lines they're authorized for
Automatic email alerts to customers, reps, & staff
Have accessory items? Crik-IT increases add-on sales and reduces ordering errors.
Library with items you add, categorized as you like, & limited to user types you choose.
Auto email customers new invoices or orders to up to 3 email addresses
Show announcements with links
Much more... try us out for 30-days free... it's easy!

Is this CRM & Portal app for you?
Sales Reports - Current, Meaningful, Easy to Understand
CRM & Other Rep Tools for Targeted Channel Management
B2B Customer Tools - The easier you make it for your customers to do business with you, the more business you'll do!
Tools for your staff
Lots of other stuff too...



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30 day risk free trial.
Packages start at just $29/month!

Customer Service Package $29/month 1 Includes 1 in-house user.
Additional users can be added and other packages are available... Click here for more info.

Yep, we're here to help. In fact, our users are astounded by our response times.
Contact us is by email: support@crik-it.com.
Or feel free to call us, if you prefer... we'd love to talk to you!


(207) 956-0685
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How long does it take to get up and running?
It's easy! Depending on the size of your QuickBooks file, you can be up and running in as little as 15 minutes. And, if you have any problem, just call us or chat with us and we'll walk you through it!
What versions of QuickBooks does Crik-IT work with?
QuickBooks Online... and QuickBooks Pro and Premier 2011 or newer. Enterprise 11 or newer.
What if Crik-IT looks really great for us, but we need a little tweak?
Call us! We want to know what our users need. This is how we continue to make Crik-IT better and better... by listening to our users!
How long has Crik-IT been around? How many users use Crik-IT? And what do they use it for?
Crik-IT was born in 2007. We have thousands of users accessing Crik-IT on a daily basis. Tens of thousands of inventory queries, orders entered, warranty claims submitted, sales reports run, invoices printed, and more are done in Crik-IT each year. See www.crik-it-portal-for-quickbooks.com for more about how different users use Crik-IT.