The simplest, most intuitive cash flow forecasting tool for QuickBooks Online.

Key benefits

  • CXOSoft simplifies cash flow with visualizations of the ups and downs of your balance sheet. Plus, it automatically integrates with QuickBooks Online, so you’ll have real-time forecasts in seconds, saving valuable time—and brain cells.
  • Business Platform: Empowers you to grab control of cash flow and enjoy financial peace of mind, so you can get back to what you love—running the business.
  • Partner Platform: Allows accountants, financial advisors, and bookkeepers to better manage and communicate cash flow possibilities with clients through shareable reports, intuitive dashboards, and dynamic visualizations.

How it works with QuickBooks

CXOSoft automatically integrates with your QuickBooks Online account to deliver real-time, accurate visualizations that take the guesswork out of forecasting cash flow. Connect in minutes!


The most intuitive cash flow forecasting tool for QuickBooks Online. Sign up today for a 30-day free trial and use our cash flow forecasting tool to save time, save money, and gain a competitive edge.

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Basic 20.00/month 1 Features include Current Cash, Projected Cash, Cash Flow Diagram, Who Owes Me/Aged Receivables, Who I Owe/Aged Payables, Cash Flow Scenarios, Time-Saving Scenarios, Reporting.
Advanced 30.00/month 1 Features include all Basic features, plus Industry Benchmarking.
Professional 40.00/month 1 Features include all Advanced features, plus Cash Flow Scenarios.

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Who is CXOSoft for?
CXOSoft offers a Business Platform for business owners, CEOs and presidents, as well as a Partner Platform for accountants, financial advisors, and bookkeepers.
I’m an accountant/bookkeeper with multiple clients. Can CXOSoft help me?
Yes. Our Partner Platform for accountants, financial advisors, and bookkeepers supports accounts with multiple clients. For more details, visit
Am I locked into a long-term plan?
CXOSoft is a monthly, pay-as-you-go service giving you the freedom to cancel or upgrade your plan at any time. Check out our pricing structure and choose a plan that’s right for your business.
How does CXOSoft work with QuickBooks Online?
CXOSoft automates integration with QuickBooks Online, so the numbers are accurate and update in real time. You will be able to provide your company and clients with real-time forecasts that are simple to use and easy to understand.