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Key benefits

  • Personality goes a long way: Debtor Daddy offers a range of customisable reminders that you can tailor for each individual customer based on your relationship with them. Choose from a range of pre-written reminders or create your own.
  • Say goodbye to phone tag: Calling debtors can be difficult. But who says you have to be the one to do it? Our friendly, dedicated professionals will call your customers on your behalf, keeping your relationships sweet.
  • Debt collection done right: When you’ve exhausted all other avenues to get your invoices paid, Collect gets action. Enjoy best-practice debt collection processes without having to learn the letter of the law yourself.

How it works with QuickBooks

Debtor Daddy combines smart software and friendly humans to make collections the easiest part of your business. Send email reminders, assign phone calls and escalate to debt collection all in one place.


Debtor Daddy is disrupting the debt collection industry by revolutionising the way small businesses chase overdue invoices. Using a unique combination of smart technology and the human touch, we're on a mission to create a new world of stress-free cashflow. Most small business owners are burning time, money and energy chasing overdue invoices using yesterday's tools and thinking. With automated personalised reminders and dedicated professionals who become part of your extended team, Debtor Daddy offers a better way that will save you hours each week, reduce stress and increase cashflow, so you can get back to doing what you love?.

Free 14 day trial, then from $49/month. Cancel anytime.

Remind - Starter $49/month N/A Automated reminders with a personal touch to help you get paid faster. Send up to 100 invoices per month with 'Pay-as-you-go' calls . Unlimited users, unlimited contacts, 15+ pre-written reminder templates, email, chat & in-app support.
Remind + Call - Starter $139/month N/A A unique combination of smart technology and the human touch to get your invoices paid quickly and easily. $25,000 collected in 60 days GUARANTEED or your money back*

Support is available via our Help Centre or via the in-app Help Icon which offers email & Chat Support

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Who can use Debtor Daddy?
Debtor Daddy is a perfect addition to your finance team, administrator or even the business owner who have too much to do and not enough time. Finance team? Stay in control of your overdue accounts and tailor your approach based on your client relationship. Business owner? Improve your cashflow, spend your time doing what you do best and, yes, avoid those dreaded phone calls. Administrator? Follow up debtors in a fraction of the time. Test and measure your results to refine your approach.
What are the solutions Debtor Daddy provide and how does my QuickBooks data sync?
You can use Debtor Daddy to send overdue invoice reminders, make collection phone calls and escalate to debt collection. Debtor Daddy synchronizes the contacts and invoices from your QuickBooks account. Debtor Daddy does not update your QuickBooks data, it is read-only.
How does the call service work?
Log-in to Debtor Daddy, select the customers you want us to call, then move them to CALL. From the CALL console you can monitor progress, see call notes and stay in the loop at every step.
Who makes the calls and what do they say?
Calls are made by our locally based Receivables Specialists. All calls are polite, friendly and made as if we’re part of your team. Taking this approach makes it feel more like a customer service call rather than a collection call in the first instance.