Dolibarr by Maestrano

Dolibarr ERP and QuickBooks Online automatically connected. Your data is automatically shared, saving you hours every week.


Save time and effort by using Dolibarr and QuickBooks Online fully connected! Just start using Dolibarr and in minutes all your data will be automatically shared, best of all it doesn't require any setup or coding from you!

Bring efficiency to your inventory management

Get a complete visibility at any moment on your business, optimize your stock level with real-time data for multiple locations. With all transactions processed in real-time, you can make better business decisions.

Beyond inventory, improve your financials

Dolibarr allows you to manage directly your customers and suppliers orders and process payment. With the integration with QuickBooks, your accounting is automatically recorded, saving you hours every week.

You save time as your data is automatically shared with QuickBooks Online.

Your organization details (incl. name, address, phone, email), contacts, products (incl. name, code, price, description...), your financials (incl. invoices, accounts, taxes, payments...) are shared automatically between QuickBooks and Dolibarr. Your applications no longer have any secrets to keep anymore.

A system that fully supports product management

Create multiple items, Bill of Materials (BOM) for complex products, manage shipments, partial or complete delivery. Dolibarr is flexible enough to adapt to your workflows to allow you to optimize your time.

Star!™ your live tutorial directly inside Dolibarr

Star!™ is your live tutorials visually guiding you step by step through each functionality of Dolibarr.? ?No more switching tabs or reading long tutorials, just select Star!™ in Dolibarr, select what tutorial you want, and follow the step by step instructions! There are currently more than 50 tutorials showing you how to make the most of Dolibarr.

Bring efficiency to your inventory management
Beyond inventory, improve your financials
You save time as your data is automatically shared with QuickBooks Online.
A system that fully supports product management
Star!™ your live tutorial directly inside Dolibarr



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How will my data be secured?
Your data is secured by the high level Amazon Web Services security in addition to Maestrano's proprietary security layer that guarantees premium security for all data. We are PCI-Level 1 compliant and treat data security and confidentiality as an absolute requirement. Our security infrastructure is audited regularly to ensure an optimum protection.
Can I retrieve my data if I want to change and not use Maestrano anymore?
Absolutely! Your data remains your entire and unique property. All your data will be available either for direct download from your business applications or our support can assist you and send all of them to you in a secure electronic format.
Who do I speak to if something goes wrong?
Our dedicated support team is happy to help you and we are never further away than an email or a phone call, or even on our online chat! We have flexible support plans that ensure that you are never alone from the second you start! We can help you upload your data, customize your system, train your staff and more…
Is Dolibarr a reliable application?
Dolibarr has been carefully selected in accordance with strict criteria, among which simplicity of use, user-friendliness, security, efficiency and robustness. Dolibarr is used widely by a global community of hundreds of thousands of businesses, so you can be sure it is fit for purpose!