Easy-Commission - Online Sales Commission Solution


Easy-Commission is a simple and easy to use application for calculating sales commissions online that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks® and QuickBooks® Online. No double entry of sales data.

Multiple integration capabilities

Easy-Commission supports import of data from your Desktop version of QuickBooks®, QuickBooks® Online, Excel and CSV files. The sales information can be imported and commissions can be calculated on that.

Reporting ability

Multiple reports by rep, products, customers and territories are available. Report designers allow creation of new reports. Dashboards and query designer tools are also available.

Sales rep access

Clear and detailed statement on rep commissions are created and historical statements are available in the system online. Export (PDF and Excel) and emailing the commission statement to reps are also available.

Sales rep commission plans

Commissions can be calculated with a few simple steps in Easy-Commission. Commission plan will be unique for each rep. Flat rate, flat amount commissions and bonuses can be calculated. Excel like formula can be set to derive commissions.

Commission variations

Commissions can be split between multiple reps, and managers can get overrides. Adjustments can be made to commissions and draws can be managed. Commission admin fee, Minimum pay threshold, Recurring commissions and Recurring transactions can be setup for the reps.

Multiple integration capabilities
Reporting ability
Sales rep access
Sales rep commission plans
Commission variations

Regular Edition starts with $9.95 per user per month. Free trial for Regular Edition is available for 15 days.

Regular Edition 9 999 Regular Edition is a full-featured edition. Minimum 2 users need to be subscribed. Regular Edition is tiered by users and starts from $9.95 and is discounted by tiers down to $2.99.
Regular Edition (15-day free trial) 0 999 Full featured functional trial. No credit card required.

Customers will report customer support cases via online feedback facility available within the application. Customers can also report cases via email ec_support@easy-commission.com.


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Who can use Easy-Commission?
Any organization that has variable pay structure for their sales people (payees) can use Easy-Commission to calculate commissions accurately pay commissions on time make commissions available to reps online analyze and report on all data etc.,
What are the QuickBooks® editions that Easy-Commission supports and what data is getting imported into Easy-Commission?
Easy-Commission supports all the editions that Intuit Sync Manager supports (QuickBooks® 2009 or later). Sales data such as sales reps, customers, vendors, products, classes, invoices and credit memos are imported to your Easy-Commission account.
How my user-rep licenses will be counted?
A User-Rep can be a compensation administrator or sales manager or sales rep to whom rights to access the system can be set.You need a license for every User-Rep record set up in the system. For example, 20 sales people, 1 commission administrator and 1 executive. In this case, 22 licenses are required.
What kind of commission variations are supported in Easy-Commission?
Easy-Commission supports flat rate commissions, flat amount commissions, commissions varying by customer/product/territory, split commissions, override commissions, quantity/profit based commissions, bonuses, draw calculation, recurring commission, and adjustments.