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Harness The Power Of Your QuickBooks Records To Get A Cash Advance Today!


The Quickbooks eProdigy app turns applying for working capital into a simple, hassle-free process. This new app allows you to instantly connect your Quickbooks and bank account with eProdigy in order for them to analyze your assets.

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Funding request form

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Application homepage
Funding request form

e-Prodigy has developed technology to aggregate QuickBooks detail, enabling e-Prodigy to provide merchant cash advance (‘MCA’) applicants with approval offers within moments of MCA application submission.

e-Prodigy QuickBooks Connector Free of charge 1 eProdigy's QuickBooks Application harnesses the power of your company's QuickBooks records to give your business a funding decision, often in as little as 5 minutes. Your business can be funded the same day you apply.

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Will you save my banking logon ID?
No. Our system is specifically designed to only permit a single use, view only snapshot of your banking records.
How is this app useful to me?
eProdigy’s QuickBooks application will provide your business with a cash advance approval within minutes of submitting your application. We will let you know how much money you can be funded and the length of time you have to repay that amount.
Will my data be safe?
Absolutely. We process thousands of applications monthly knowing how important the handling of this data is to our customers. You are not an exception. Our state of the art technologies support the best encryption options available to businesses handling sensitive data.
Who will have access to our financial history?
In many cases the financial history is evaluated through an automated decision process. On occasion, our underwriters will view some details of your records in order to determine the best option for your business. Your information is safe with eProdigy and is never shared with third parties.