Purchase Order Approval System for QuickBooks


Use the data from your QuickBooks Online company to create a Purchase Request (PR), then send the PR for Approval, and upon final approval a new PO will be created in your QuickBooks Online company.

Simplify your Purchasing Order Process

eRequisition is a cloud-based system where a user can create, approve or manage all Purchase Orders.

Painlessly review a request

Approvers are notified via email when a Purchase Request is ready to be approved, and they can review all supporting information with a few clicks. There is no more chasing approvers or waiting for them to come into the office. Once a Purchase Request is approved, creating the Purchase Order is as easy as clicking "Create PO."

Easily create a request

eRequisition allows you to keep track of your purchasing through the approval process, allowing you to set controls on your company's spending.

Instantly create a PO in QuickBooks

Upon final approval POs will be created in QuickBooks.

Reduce the time it takes to create a Purchase Order

Enjoy the benefits of having your purchasing process online. There is no need to worry about losing or misplacing paperwork or wondering which approver is causing a “log Jam” and the setup just takes minutes!

Simplify your Purchasing Order Process
Painlessly review a request
Easily create a request
Instantly create a PO in QuickBooks
Reduce the time it takes to create a Purchase Order

Pay as you go pricing, no contracts and commitments!

Per User $8.99 1 Per user per month
10-User Slab $84.99 10 10 users per month
20-User Slab $167.99 20 20 users per month
50-User Slab $317.99 50 50 users per month
75-User Slab $417.99 75 75 users per month

Phone, email and in app support


Online support:!support/eq273


How do I get started using eRequisition?
Get started using eRequisition in just a few clicks. First visit and sign up, then use your new user credentials to log in at
Will I need a QuickBooks Online user for each eRequisition user?
No, the QuickBooks Online user that your administrator uses to connect eRequisition to your QuickBooks Online company will be saved and used for all your eRequisition users and activity. eRequisition allows you to have as many users as you need in it without requiring that each eRequisition user also have a corresponding QuickBooks Online user account. Please note that eRequisition does NOT support single sign on (SSO).
How do I connect my QuickBooks Online account to eRequisition?
As an admin user log in to eRequisition > Menu > Settings > Company Settings, then select Connect My QuickBooks. QuickBooks will then prompt you enter your QuickBooks User credentials and follow the instructions.
How do I setup my company in eRequisition?
As an Admin User log in to eRequisition and select Menu > Settings > User Management. Create all of your users, then under the Menu > Settings > Workflow screen you may assign a workflow to each user. Once the workflow is complete your company is ready to start creating requisitions!