ARGUS EstateMaster DM

Track and manage your real estate project's cash flow and monthly performance.

Key benefits

  • 'Whole of Life' management of real estate development projects.
  • Forecast real estate development cash flows right down to the individual cost code or activity.
  • Generate project performance reporting to present to key project stakeholders.

How it works with QuickBooks

ARGUS EstateMaster Development Management (DM) forecasts project cash flows right down to the individual cost code or activity. As the project progresses in time and cost and revenue transactions occur, DM directly imports such transactions from QuickBooks Online into its cash flow table, avoiding double-entry of data and automatically reforecasting key performance measures.


ARGUS EstateMaster Development Management (DM) helps you manage property development projects and their cash flow from initial inception through to project completion or disposal, reporting on its performance at every stage. Lock-down budgets at any point in time and report on their variance against the current forecast - track variations to costs, revenues, profit, IRR, break-even dates and other key performance measures. Quantify and manage development risk by testing the sensitivity of key variables such as construction time, sales values and interest.


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Workstation Licence AUD 3,700 1 Allows one user to install, register and operate the software on a single PC.
Network Licence AUD 7,400 1 It allows for the use of Estate Master software by multiple users concurrently on the same network.

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Can I get a free trial of ARGUS EstateMaster DM?
Yes; please visit our website and follow the prompts for the 14-Day Free Trial
Is ARGUS EstateMaster DM a web or desktop application?
It is a Windows Desktop application that can be licensed to run on a server or a workstation.