FinJinni Professional

Consolidation, Comparison and Custom reporting for Online and Desktop

Key benefits

  • FinJinni Pro creates advanced and custom reports that go beyond what QuickBooks can produce. Works with Desktop, Online and both combined. Consolidates multiple entities. Creates comparatives. We create custom reports on request.
  • The included Excel add-in lets you run and modify reports from within Excel without needing to be logged into QuickBooks. Works with Microsoft Azure and Power BI. Access reports from Excel anywhere you are.
  • New Features • Advanced Budget integration, management and reporting with Excel and QuickBooks – Including Nonprofits • Full Multi-Currency support has been added • Expanded Payment Analysis reports are now available

How it works with QuickBooks

FinJinni Pro extracts your QuickBooks data for reporting and analysis in Excel and other tools.


FinJinni Pro extracts your QuickBooks data and creates a data warehouse that can be accessed from Excel and other tools. FinJinni provides advanced and custom reports and allows you to build your own reports directly from Excel. You can store your data locally or securely in the cloud using Microsoft Azure data services.



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FinJinni is sold as a flat one-time fee. No onboarding required. There is a free trial.

Free Trial $0 1 Free 15 day trial.
One-time purchase $999 1 FinJinni is sold as a flat one-time fee. No onboarding required.

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Do I need to be logged in to QuickBooks Online to work in Excel?
Once your QuickBooks data is extracted, you do not need to be online to do your reporting and analysis in Excel or other tools. You only need to be online to extract and refresh your data.
How does FinJinni handle changes to my QuickBooks Online data?
After an initial complete extract of your QuickBooks company data, changes are retrieved as an incremental refresh as often as you look. The refresh can be scheduled automatically or manually initiated.
Where is my data stored once it is extracted from QuickBooks?
FinJinni stores all data in a secure Microsoft SQL Server environment. You can use SQL Server locally on your PC or a network or you can sign up for Microsoft Azure Data Services. Microsoft provides a free 12-month offer for online storage.
What OS/platform is supported?
Supported OS/Platform: Windows 7 and above Supported Browsers for Windows: • Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 10 or later • Mozilla FireFox, version 38 or later • Google Chrome, version 43 or later