Property Management Software

Key benefits

  • Keep track of your properties in one place.
  • Automate and track the leasing process from beginning to end.
  • Stay up to date with tenant delinquencies, always know who's paid.

How it works with QuickBooks

Quickly and easily get started by creating your Hodify account and then connecting to your QuickBooks Online account syncing your data. Hodify allows you to keep track of your tenants, leases and properties while keeping your financials in your QuickBooks Online account. Hodify automatically creates invoices for your tenants based on your lease terms and sends the invoice into QuickBooks Online.


Hodify is a free property management integration for QuickBooks Online Plus. Hodify saves property managers time and money by allowing you to manage your properties while still using QuickBooks Online for your accounting.

Pricing Plans

Free Plan $0.00 Unlimited All features are included in the free plan.


Online support:


How many units can I add?
Our free plan currently allows unlimited units.
Which version of QuickBooks Online do you support?
We currently support QuickBooks Online Plus version.
What QuickBooks data is synced with this app?
We currently sync your customers, invoices, classes and payments into Hodify.