IIFImporter for QuickBooks Online

Import IIF files into QuickBooks Online


Allows importing of IIF files directly into QuickBooks Online. Saves time and money allowing quick and accurate importing of transactions.

Basics IIF Importing using the IIFImporter for QuickBooks Online

Explains simple 123 IIF importing of IIF files into QuickBooks Online

Some of the Transactions and Lists Import Types Supported

Invoice, Sales Receipts, Payments, BIlls, Time Tracking, Checks, Journal Entries
Customers, Vendors, Employees, Classes. Including , Department or Location, Custom Fields on sales forms.
Just all all of them. Don't see what you need. Ask us!
Importing never been so easy.

IIF file can be in Tab Delimited text or CSV format (Not Excel type xls, xlsx, etc.)

Normally the IIF File is in tab delimited text format format but we also support CSV (Comma Separated Values). Both Windows end of line and other.

Don't have an IIF file but have an Excel type file (csv, xls, xlsx, xlsm, xlsb, etc.)

Ask about our TransImporter for QuickBooks Online

Basics IIF Importing using the IIFImporter for QuickBooks Online


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One price for unlimited users

Lite (General Journals only) $120us/year - that's just $10us/month. 99 Lite (General Journals) Edition only does General Journal Entries and related lists. Upgradeable.
Plain $170us per year that's less than $15 us/month 99 General Journals, Invoices.Bills and related List Entries Only. Upgradeable.
Standard $240us per year. That's just $20us/month 99 Basic import settings for Unlimited users works similar to QuickBooks WIndows Desktop IIF Import. Upgradeable.
Gold $399us per year less than $40us/month 99 Standard Edition features plus settings and overrides for Unlimited users. Upgradeable.
Diamond $999us the first year for multiple QuickBooks Online companies (499). Ask about more.
After the first year there is a required annual renewal fee of $550us.
499 Deep Discounts for Bookkeeping/accounting firms. Gold Edition features plus multiple companies

Free prompt defects correction if it occurs


Online support:


Does it import payments and post the payments to the invoices?
Yes, it can import invoices and payments. If the payment IIF record has the invoice(s) being paid it will post them accordingly.
What does it require?
It requires to be run on a Windows machine and have access to the Internet. (New) MSIE 11 or later.
Does it require any mapping?
No, the functions, accounts, names, etc. are all determined from the IIF format itself.