Inventory Planner

Take the guesswork out of inventory management

Key benefits

  • Sell more by having the right stock at the right time based on the sales forecast. Plan what stock to order and reduce guess work.
  • Identify stock that is not moving and improve your cash flow by promoting these products. Connect Google Analytics to see page views and conversion rates for products.
  • Keep track of historical stock and critical Inventory KPIs. Plan your business at high level with Open-to-Buy.

How it works with QuickBooks

Inventory Planner automatically synchronizes your products, sales orders and purchases from QuickBooks once a day and computes sales forecast and replenishment recommendations. Inventory Planner allows you to easily create QuickBooks purchases from this data. Inventory Planner also connects with Quickbooks Online for an accounting integration. This will allow you to push Purchase Orders from Inventory Planner to Quickbooks Online to improve your operational workflow.


Inventory Planner is a planning tool for reducing understock and overstock. We look at past sales to determine possible trends, check for how long products were out of stock to adjust the demand and take into account the product seasonality. You are given replenishment recommendations for each product which you can immediately use to create purchases. Additionally, it also gives you a number of useful metrics and reports to analyze your business. Inventory Planner can also sent purchase orders to Quickbooks Online to save you time.

From $99.99 for up to 1000 SKUs and one , 14 day free trial. Payment via Paypal or Stripe More information...

1000 products $99.99/mo Unlimited +$10/month for each extra 1000 products, +$50/month for each extra connection or active warehouse

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What information does Inventory Planner access in your QuickBooks Online?
Inventory Planner is mostly read only service. We read items, orders, purchase orders, vendors. We also allow you to save purchase orders in QuickBooks.
How long does the first sync take?
The first sync can take up to few hours depending on number of products and orders. We pull 2 years of sales history and you can use the system right after it finishes. After the first sync all other updates are incremental (when it's possible) and should be much faster.
Can I use Inventory Planner only to push purchase orders to Quickbooks Online?
Yes, there are two types of integration with Inventory Planner. First, connect for a full integration when you have all sales and product information in Quickbooks Online. Second, if you are using another platform for sales such as Shopify, Tradegecko, or others, you can still push purchase orders created in Inventory Planner to Quickbooks Online.
Can I see historical stock cost information
Starting with the date you connect your store information to Inventory Planner, you will be able to see historical stock levels and stock cost information. This historical information can be helpful for closing each month's books.