Financial Planning and Analysis in the Cloud

Key benefits

  • Jirav makes financial planning & analysis easy, helping you share beautiful dashboards, forecast your finances and report your progress in real-time

How it works with QuickBooks

Jirav works seamlessly with QuickBooks Online, pulling in your chart of accounts and account balances and driving your dashboard, reports and forecasts automatically. Jirav's automatic and ongoing synchronization with QuickBooks Online allows you to build your forecast in the same way you operate your business. The modern and intuitive web application provides seamless operational dashboards, reporting and forecasting across historical results and future projections.


Jirav delivers smarter financials and faster insights, helping you understand where your business has been and predict where you’re going. The system joins your cloud-based Accounting, HR, CRM and billing data together to automatically surface a sophisticated, interconnected reporting & planning portal that is unique to your business. The platform is built for companies looking to empower their finance functions with real-time reporting & collaboration across --bookings, billing, revenue recognition, cash flow, and workforce/expense planning-- to get the answers they need, fast.



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Jirav Lite $99 USD N/A Combine all your financial and non-financial data in one place. Set goals and track progress with beautiful dashboards and fully customizable reports.
Jirav Pro $250 USD N/A All features of Jirav Lite, plus powerful bottom-up forecasting and modeling to your Lite account, plan your workforce and steer your company with precision.


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What QuickBooks data is synced with Jirav?
The Jirav app uses read-only access to stay in sync with your Chart of Accounts, account balances and standard company settings such as company name and close month.