linksync for WooCommerce

Link and sync all your products and orders to your online store!


linksync for WooCommerce is a plugin that works in the backend to automatically sync products and orders between your Wordpress WooCommerce online store and QuickBooks Online accounting system with REAL-TIME UPDATES.

Product Syncing

Add a new product, create new variants or make changes to an existing product in your online store, and see the change in the QuickBooks moments later. Or make changes in QuickBooks and have them sync to WooCommerce. The product syncing capabilities are very flexible so that they can be tailored to your business needs.

Order Syncing

linksync works so whenever you have a sales order created in WooCommerce, it will automatically sync to QuickBooks to updating your contacts and inventory in the process.

Tax Mapping

linksync has come up with flexible tax mapping options that work for QuickBooks online users in US, Canada, Australia and UK.

Saves Time

It eliminates the hassle of having to manually update or enter the data from one application to another.

Product Syncing
Order Syncing



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Available for a 14-day trial upon sign-up! No credit cards required, plans for as low as $19/monthly.

Basic $19/monthly, $190/annual 1 Includes 100 SKUs, 50 transactions and 2 connected apps.
Business $39/monthly, $390/annual 1 Includes 1,000 SKUs, 600 transactions and 4 connected apps.
Premium $69/monthly, $690/annual 1 Includes 10,000 SKUs, 6,000 transactions and 10 connected apps.
Unlimited $99/monthly, $990/annual 1 Includes unlimited SKUs, unlimited transactions and 20 connected apps.

Live chat and phone support is available from Mon-Friday from 9am-6pm AEST (Melbourne Australia).


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What fields are used between QuickBooks Online and Wordpress WooCommerce to sync data?
We use the SKU field or Product Name from both systems as the 'common identifier' when syncing product information between the two systems.
Do I need to do a manual sync to get inventory for orders?
No, you don't. linksync would automatically sync your orders and products.
I have just enabled the Order Syncing. Why are my current orders not syncing?
Our plugin can only sync orders that are placed after the Order Syncing Setting is enabled. Previous orders that were purchased while the Order syncing was disabled will not be synced. On the case that your orders still don't show even when it was placed after activating your Order Syncing, do check on the 'Order Status' of your settings to make sure your order syncing is configured correctly.
Do we support the latest version for Wordpress WooCommerce and QuickBooks Online?
Yes, we do support the latest version on both apps.