MarginEdge Inventory and POS Automation

Run a restaurant without the massive paperwork nightmare

Key benefits

  • If you own or operate a restaurant, we’re about to change the way you work. MarginEdge offers the first and only restaurant solution to combine paperless invoice processing with POS and accounting integration.

How it works with QuickBooks

MarginEdge connects directly to QuickBooks Online so all your purchasing data and daily sales entries can sync from our platform without any data entry on your part. With the direct link between MarginEdge and QuickBooks Online, you get:
- Automated accounts payable and g/l coding
- Direct sync of payment info for checks, EFT, ACH payments
- Ability to connect MarginEdge Bill Pay feature
- Automatic sales entries created and sent from your POS system data
- Secure connection – we use the same tech used by banks and credit card companies


With MarginEdge, automate the flow of your POS data directly into your accounting system. Save time and money by ensuring your data transfers seamlessly to accounting each day, with you in total control of your accounts and sales entry format.



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Plans as low as $15/month.

MarginEdge Client Included Unlimited Process 100% of your AP and Sales data automatically into QuickBooks.
MarginEdge Basic $15/mo. Unlimited Post all of your sales data to QuickBooks nightly.

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