B2B Sales Order Entry and Management for Wholesalers, Manufacturers and more

Key benefits

  • With its Integration with QuickBooks, Orderwerks's key benefit is that your Vendors can order from you, with inventory levels being tracked in QuickBooks and showing availability in Orderwerks.
  • For new businesses, you can be up and running with Orderwerks in under 15 minutes, and Vendors can be placing orders directly with you as soon as they register!

How it works with QuickBooks

Orderwerks integrates with QuickBooks so that you can manage your Inventory and allow your vendors to purchase only in stock items.


Orderwerks is a B2B Sales Order Entry platform that removes the need for vendors to fax, email or call in orders to be placed. Allowing complete control over the ordering process so that you can better serve your customers as you continue to grow your business.



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Orderwerks pricing is based off of a number of factors - Revenue, User Requirements, Build Out Requirements, and more.

Orderwerks 0 N/A We work with you to determine the pricing for the Orderwerks platform.

We aim to help all of our users as soon as possible. We offer telephone, email, chat and screen sharing support. We're here to help you when you run into problems.


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Is Orderwerks good for Wholesale businesses?
YES! Orderwerks is the perfect solution for any Wholesale-Vendor relationship businesses.
Does Orderwerks allow my entire organization to use it?
Absolutely. Orderwerks was built with a Organization wide approach so that you can have multiple users for your business, while the Vendor accounts can have multiple users as well.