Automate Invoice Reminders and provide Customers a Portal to Pay/See invoices

Key benefits

  • Automated reminders: PayorCRM allows you to set invoice reminders for each of your customers & can let them pay invoices using Credit Cards and ACH payments directly from within the email. They can pay multiple invoices in one go using saved cards
  • Customer portal: Customers can access their own customer portal and see their due invoices. They can also pay multiple invoices, view invoices, view payment history and download statements. You can also chat with your customers to resolve any issues
  • Automated/Recurring ACH/Credit payments : QuickBooks doesn't support automated ACH payments processing and hence we support the same. You can setup rules to automatically process a payment via ACH/credit card whenever an invoice is created

How it works with QuickBooks

PayorCRM pull invoice information and closes them in QuickBooks once they are paid automatically. Once payorCRM receives an invoice depending on the rules set invoices gets sent out to your customers on different days. Customers can either pay invoices from within email using saved cards/bank account numbers or can login to the portal to view and pay invoices any time. All the invoices once paid are synced back and closed in QuickBooks. It also automatically updates card details on expiry so that you will never have to follow up with your customers for new card details to be saved on file.


Usual reasons why business use PayorCRM are below 1. Customer portal where customers can view invoices , pay invoices , download statements and view payment history. 2. Automated Invoice reminders with one click payment buttons within the email and auto-login button to customer portal 3. Save on credit card fees using cheaper payment providers (Savings up to 500 USD/month) 4. Supports Auto/Recurring payments processing via ACH / Credit Card payment modes PayorCRM thus helps businesses improve their cashflows substantially and hence is a must have for businesses with more than 20 customers.



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We have multiple plans - Free , Freelancer, Small Business and Enterprise. Details here -

Free $0 N/A Test drive the app without any limits (on the no of months you can use)
Freelancers $10 N/A Useful for freelancers with lesser number of customers
Small business $49 N/A Useful for Small to Medium business (most commonly used plan)

You can reach out to us using any of the methods given below .We also have a live chat link on our website if you have any questions.

+91 (799) 315-3070
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Can I try this for free?
Yes you can! We have an unlimited free version which you could use try this out
Will it work with QuickBooks Payments?
Yes it will.You will have to go to settings on the app to enable this. We have also tied up with other payment processors which are cheaper than QuickBooks payments allowing you to save up to 5000 USD a year ! See how much you could save here
What other features do you have?
We support direct ACH (ACH integration with your bank) which can reduce your ACH settlement time to 1 day. We also reduce the cost of accepting credit card payments. QuickBooks charges somewhere between 3 - 3.3% for credit card payments acceptance. We have tied up with service providers who can provide a much cheaper rate ( around 2.4% ) .Companies save upto 2000 USD monthly using these mechanisms. Send us a mail on to know how much you can save monthly !
Will the customer have to enter their card / Bank information every-time ?
Customers can pay multiple invoices using saved cards/bank details unlike accepting payments through QuickBooks payment service where customers have to enter card/bank details every time they pay a single invoice!