Schedule, track and trace your production and quality processes in real time

Key benefits

  • Easy To Track Production & Quality: Now you'll have the real-time information you need, when you need it, right at your fingertips!
  • Reduce waste and scrap: Continuous improvement has never been easier, allowing you to locate bottlenecks, uncover where raw materials are being wasted, predict and prevent days, and ensure quality requirements are met.
  • Increase efficiency and save money: Real-time tracking and traceability of your production gives you the visibility you

How it works with QuickBooks

The integration is evolving, but right now you can switch between apps with only one login and you can access the inventory from QuickBooks inside Prodsmart.


Prodsmart integration with QuickBooks delivers advanced features for production management, tracking, ERP and MRP. Prodsmart is a real-time production tracking and management solution. Features include shop floor real-time data collection, production analysis, custom parameters, quality checklists, scheduling and planning tools, lot traceability and more. Prodsmart helps businesses to define time limits for operations, manage different products and product families produced, control parameters and identify machine stoppages within the production line.



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14 days free trial. Unlimited workers. Packages start at $199 USD/manager/month

Core Productivity $199 1 For companies who want to start analyzing their data and have real-time information in order to plan their production
Quality Pro $249 1 For companies with traceability and quality control requirements.
Total Control $399 1 For companies who need to have total control of their production and need advanced settings and permissions and API access.

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What does Prodsmart do?
In short, Prodsmart offers real-time analytics for production lines and job shops. We turn plain factories into a digital smart factories. Prodsmart is a cloud manufacturing system collecting information via mobile digital devices directly from the work face, rendering supply chains paperless. One important consequence of having real-time analytics is that it allows you to quickly identify waste. This is turn facilitates plans to address inefficiencies as soon as they arise.
Which sectors do we support?
All manufacturing sectors (plastics, automotive, metalworks, food & beverage, etc).
Which software integrations do we support (ERPs)?
Prodsmart isn’t an ERP (invoicing, accountancy, HR, etc). But we do integrate with every major ERP (SAP, Sage, Oracle, etc). More information is available at
Do we also integrate with machines?
Yes. We manage machine downtimes and machine integration. You’ll find an API for this, just contact us for more information.