Automate client reports to increase billing realization & staff utilization


Qvinci for Accountants is a centralized management portal where users can see all of their clients’ data on one dashboard. It automates many of the time-consuming tasks that are costing your firm valuable billable hours


Qvinci for Accountants uses patented technology to reduce expenses, eliminate redundant tasks and optimize firm efficiencies. The solution includes: • Landscape view of client data • Automatic report template updates • Create standard report templates • Automated report publishing • Management portal for the entire firm • Customized status and notes fields • Custom KPIs • Change styling via Excel-like interface • Compilation-like reports • Export to Excel and PDF • Package PDFs into deliverables

Increase Your Value

The Qvinci for Accountants portal improves internal processes by letting you coordinate your entire team at a glance. It boosts efficiency, increases your value to clients and provides a clear understanding how work flows through your firm. Its unique set of features also speeds up workflow and allows your staff to collaborate on anything and everything.

Time is Money

By eliminating redundant tasks, bottlenecks and the inefficient collection of information coming into the office, Qvinci for Accountants lets you add more clients without adding more staff. Cloud-based and highly scalable, the solution will save your staff time and free them up to take on more high value tasks such as consulting services.

Templating, Styling and Publishing

Build reports the way you want them or choose from a selection of standardized templates. Deploy them across all your clients and let Qvinci for Accountants take care of the rest. Going forwards, every report will automatically update with your styling and your reports will look exactly how you want them. Move, add and delete columns. Change the width of columns. Get as creative as you want with font size, color and style. Build it once and use it for as long as you need.

Increase Your Value
Time is Money
Templating, Styling and Publishing

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Qvinci for Accountants Prices ranges from $19.95/file/month or less depending on quantity 10000 Unlimited Quickbooks files
Qvinci for Franchises Prices ranges from $19.95/file/month or less depending on quantity 10000 Unlimited Quickbooks files

You can search our Qvinci knowledge base or speak directly with customer service via live chat. https://qvinci.zendesk.com/home


Online support:


How long does it take to implement Qvinci for my clients?
A typical user with 50-100 files is up and running within four hours. Large clients syncing thousands of files can be fully implemented within 48 hours.
Do I need to have a Standard Chart of Accounts for my entire organization?
No. The power of Qvinci lies in its ability to consolidate financials even if each contributor uses their own account names and line items. Qvinci’s patented account mapping functionality allows administrators to map line items to a standard form for consolidated reporting while still maintaining files in their native form. Reports in Qvinci can be viewed either with the Standard Chart of Accounts or with the native account names and line items.
Does Qvinci work with multiple currencies?
Qvinci supports multi-currency conversions for QuickBooks Desktop and utilizes XE for conversion rates.
Can I shut off benchmarking for individual locations?
Yes. The administrator can hide the benchmarking capabilities from users at any level while still being able to use the feature at headquarters.