Scan, pay and approve bills in seconds - fast, easy & compliant AP automation

Key benefits

  • Scan any bill or receipt instantly and automatically sync it to QuickBooks. Pay via ACH or Check. No extra fee for scanning, all original documents are synced over. Add bills/receipts via Roger mobile app, your RogerAddress or via the web app.
  • Stay compliant with approval flows that are simple to set up but very flexible and powerful. Interactions are recorded with our advanced audit trail, and all important data syncs automatically to QuickBooks. Free to add approvers and team members.
  • Great for bookkeepers and accountants - manage all clients in one partner dashboard. Save up to 80% of the time you spend on manual data entry across your client base, and stay compliant with approvals and audit trails.

How it works with QuickBooks

When you set up the Roger/QuickBooks integration, Roger imports your Chart of Accounts from QuickBooks. When you add a new bill to Roger, all data is automatically scanned, an account is assigned, and bills are auto-created in QuickBooks with all data present. When the bill is due, Roger will automatically pay the bill using the payment information from the bill and your payment details, as well as correctly record a bill payment to the previously added bill in QuickBooks. Roger eliminates manual work in the AP process.


When you submit bills and receipts to Roger, Roger automatically analyzes all important data and payment details from a bill, prepares it for payment, and pays the bill for you on time.



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Free up to 3 bill/month. Plans start at $9/month, cancel any time. No extra fee per seat - add as many team members as you like. Demo accounts available upon request. .

Free $0/month Unlimited Free up to 3 bills and expenses
Small $19/month Unlimited For businesses that have less than 14 bills/receipts per month
Medium $49/month Unlimited For businesses that have less than 39 bills/receipts per month
Large $119/month Unlimited For businesses that have less than 99 bills/receipts per month
For Accountants - Unlimited We offer volume based pricing for bookkeepers and accountants with several clients on Roger. Learn more at

Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Roger team directly via the chat bubble on our website or by sending an email to – we’re here to help and are mostly available 24 hours a day.

Online support:


How do I submit a bill to Roger?
By sending it as an email attachment to your own, unique RogerAddress; by uploading it via the web app; or by uploading it via the smartphone app for iOS and Android. Vendors can also send bills directly to your company in Roger by using your RogerAddress™. You can also enter bills manually (Roger's scanning doesn't cost you extra so we recommend scanning all bills for speed and accuracy).
How do I pay a bill with Roger?
Simply enter the details of your bank account, and any bill submitted by you to Roger will be paid automatically with your bank account on the due date provided. You can easily change payment date, payment method, and many other things for a bill – as long as you do it before it gets paid. Roger pays your vendor in the most efficient way - typically ACH or Check.
How do I use Roger for accounts payable (AP)?
Just connect Roger with QuickBooks with Roger’s integration, and all attachments and payments are automatically synced to your QuickBooks account when you submit and pay a bill.
How do I approve payments with Roger?
Roger has its own approval flow that can easily be set up for any number of co-workers and departments inside the app.