Create your forecast, business plan, and make better decisions. Today.


Make better business decisions. Effortlessly.

Simple, powerful forecasting tools. Integrates with QuickBooks Online to easily pull in your current numbers. Then use Startegy to project those numbers into the future.

Project your sales

Project your sales and expenses to see exactly where your business will end up. Easily test your decisions and see how they will affect your finances.

Create your business plan

Turn heads with your sleek, polished business plan.

Make your plan using our easy business plan creator. You’ll be guided at every step as you create a solid, complete plan. Don’t miss any important parts of your plan.

Project Cash Flow

Don’t let your bank balance hit zero.

Watch your cash forecast change as you add expenses and sales. Easily see and understand your future cash flow. Leave the guessing out of it.

See future growth

Every successful company uses projections.

Know when to change, adapt, and grow. Introduce your new product lines, add a new service. Hire more people. Predict marketing, get funding, change your pricing strategy. It’s a breeze to grow and expand your business with Startegy.

Project your sales
Create your business plan
Project Cash Flow
See future growth



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Effortlessly pull your QuickBooks information into Startegy's amazing forecast and budgeting solution.

Monthly $10/month 1 Business planning and budgeting made easy with advanced QuickBooks integration. Free forecasting and business plan on
Annual $6/month billed annually 1 Annual plan. 40% savings. Build and operate your incredible forecast from the intuitive Startegy dashboard.

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Is my data secure?
Very. Your data is protected in transit by a 256 bit encryption (military level encryption) and is stored on high-security 3rd party servers. We regularly verify that the secure nature of the site is maintained.
What QuickBooks data is synced with Startegy?
Startegy syncs with you company historicals to provide a baseline for constructing your forecast. Startegy also pulls relevant data to be able to assist in the setup of your forecast.
How do I begin?
Select "Learn More." You will be prompted for your login credentials and will be able to begin your business forecast.
What if I need to cancel?
We understand, that's why we don't ask you to enter a contract. You will be able to disconnect QuickBooks from your forecast anytime you need.