Transaction Pro Deleter

Easily delete unwanted transaction and list data from QuickBooks Online.


The Transaction Pro Deleter makes it fast and easy to remove unwanted transactions and lists from your QuickBooks Online (QBO) file. Easily search and retrieve the data you want to delete with a few clicks.

Transaction Pro Deleter - Easily search and delete unwanted transactions and lists

No matter what type of data you need to delete, Transaction Pro Deleter for Intuit App Center makes it quick and easy. Simply search to find the unwanted data and click delete. In minutes your unwanted data is removed. Transaction Pro Deleter even provides a log file after your after your data is removed so there is no guesswork on what data was deleted. Get started today with the 30 day free trial and stop manually deleting transactions or lists from QuickBooks Online.

Typical reasons to use Transactions Pro Deleter

  • Another application wrote incorrect data to your QBO file
  • Duplicate transactions need to be removed

Save Time with Transaction Pro Deleter

A big problem is that QuickBooks Online doesn't provide a way for users to delete a batch of transactions. Deleting one or more transactions or lists is a time consuming, multi-step process in QuickBooks Online. Transaction Pro Deleter makes this process fast, easy and powerful. With just a few clicks you or your accountant can remove hundreds of unwanted transactions or lists.

Trust Transaction Pro

Baystate Consulting, the publisher of Transaction Pro Deleter has been writing data import/export/delete add-on tools for QuickBooks users for over 10 years. We have over 18,000 QuickBooks companies using our data tools. You can trust that your data is safe and our applications work as advertised.

Transaction Pro Deleter - Easily search and delete unwanted transactions and lists

30 Day Risk-Free Trial, up to 30 transactions

Plans starting at 49.99/month allow unlimited number of data deletions

30 day trial $0 3 Allows use of the application for deleting up to 30 transactions or lists, or 30 days, whichever occurs first.
Up to 3 users $49.99/month 3 Allows 3 users to use the application for deleting an unlimited number of transactions or lists on a single QBO file.

Support is handled via email. Open a support ticket by emailing


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What transactions and lists can I delete within QuickBooks Online?
The following transactions and lists can be deleted: Accounts, Customers, Employees, Items, Vendors, Bills, Bill Payments, Checks, Credit Card Charges, Estimates, Invoices, Journal Entries and Sales Receipts.
Does this app work with QuickBooks Desktop (Pro/Premier/Enterprise)?
No but we have an installable app you can use for these QuickBooks versions. Go to for more information.