Telephone Agent by Voicy

Automated Customer service Agent driven by AI

Key benefits

  • No more unanswered calls and waiting for your customer queries
  • 24/7 Customer Service driven by Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning
  • Interact with customers easily and boost revenues

How it works with QuickBooks

It has a user-friendly interface and it is very easy to set up. It will automatically get the details of your products/services from QuickBooks and use it to show off your products to the customers when they call the agent and to generate orders. Any changes or updates in the QuickBooks account will be automatically updated.


The “Telephone Agent” is a completely automated service that can answer phone calls and speak on behalf of business and solve customer queries and generates orders. It is a technology driven by artificial intelligence, Machine learning & NLP. Easy to set up and requires no hardware. With this solution you can start focusing on your business and stop worrying about answering the phone calls and taking orders. It works 24/7 and even works at Non-business hours.



Terms and Conditions
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All our Pricing plans have a validity of 28 days rom the date of subscription

Standard 99$ N/A Subscription for upto 200 minutes/month
Premium 199$ N/A Subscription for upto 500 minutes/month

Our support team always strives to provide assistance. We offer telephonic support from Monday-Friday

+1 (408) 431-2916
Online support:


Do I need any hardware to setup this service?
No, This does not require any kind of hardware, all you need to do is update the unique telephone agent number on your website, google etc.
How do I customise this to my business?
You can add any number of custom question and answers from our app. You can even add one answer to? multiple questions.
How are orders generated?
The agent speaks out the list of products/services taken from your QuickBooks account and ask them to say "I want to order followed by the item name". When someone orders something you will receive an? email with the customer contact & order details.