WooCommerce Connect

Automatically sync WooCommerce purchases to Intuit QuickBooks

Key benefits

  • Automatic creation of customers in Intuit QuickBooks and automatic invoice and payment creation!
  • Simple setup and connection
  • Easily sync manually created orders to Intuit QuickBooks

How it works with QuickBooks

With our super simple WooCommerce to Intuit QuickBooks plugin you can easily automatically create customers and invoices in Intuit QuickBooks when purchases are made on your WooCommerce online store.


The WooCommerce to Intuit QuickBooks plugin supports multiple taxes and multiple currencies. In the plugin settings, enter your Order ID and Purchase Email to receive automatic updates. Then connect to your QuickBooks online account with our easy 1 click authentication method. Select the product type and tax rate from Intuit QuickBooks. That’s it! WooCommerce to Intuit QuickBooks plugin is built by the 5 star rated plugin developer house based in Sydney; this means you will receive unparalleled support and can have peace of mind when it comes to code quality and security.

One-off pricing! No Ongoing Subscription Required!

Single Licence 90 Unlimited Can be renewed for the same price each year for continual updates and support. 1 license can be used on 1 website.


Online support:


Do I need to pay a monthly fee to use this plugin?
No! Unlike our competitors pay for our product once. However for continued support and plugin updates we recommend renewing your license each year.
How long does it take to setup the plugin?
Probably around 2 minutes.
What kind of support is on offer?
We provide email support and normally reply within a couple of hours during business hours.
How can I trust that this plugin works?
The plugin is developed by the 5 star rated plugin developer company, Northern Beaches Websites. If the plugin does not work you are entitled to a full refund.